Why Is Wisdom a Woman?

In Proverbs 8-9 Wisdom is personified as a woman. This makes for a beautiful poetic device, but the metaphor is so extensive that it appears to also carry some kind of meaning. In the context Wisdom is compared to the virtuous woman, whereas Folly is compared to the adulteress. So perhaps part of the intent is to further describe the Proverbs 31-type woman, but I think there could some further meaning to draw from the personification of Wisdom. Here are my ideas. See what you think.

First, Wisdom is something to be loved, not just learned. She is to be an old friend, an adored and esteemed wife. She is not just the principle of practicality. She is not just boring common sense. She is a thing of beauty.

So, second, Wisdom can be inviting and attractive. She is approachable. She is appealing. We do not go after Wisdom simply because we have to or need to. We go after Wisdom because we want to. There is something about her that draws us.

Therefore, third, Wisdom is to be pursued. You don’t just read a book and instantly acquire Wisdom. We aren’t born with Wisdom built in. You have to chase her. It’s not a mechanical process, or a guaranteed one-size-fits-all 7-step plan. It takes personalized finesse. You have to court Wisdom, and you must court her daily.

Fourth, thinking of Wisdom as a woman keeps you from imagining you have exhausted her mystery. No matter how well you think you know her, she will still surprise you. She may appear different in different circumstances. She will change over time. She will meet you where you are in your life circumstances, but your relationship with her can ever deepen and grow.

Anyway, I feel like I had some more thoughts on the subject, but they escape me now.

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