Letter to a Worship Leader (version 1)

Dear D___,

 I am a concerned fellow worshiper just writing to let you know of my experience at the recent worship event you led. I am certain that as a worship leader you are curious as to how the regular worshipers felt.

 First, I found it difficult to join in the singing. I was not provided with even the lyrics, never mind any kind of musical notation. Furthermore, I think you sang all new music, maybe even written by you. I have not heard any of those songs before. Couldn’t you have thrown in a more traditional song or two for people like me?

 Second, I could not understand the purpose of the worship band. It was a lot of loud instruments and percussion. It sometimes drowned out the singers. Isn’t the important thing the human voices and the lyrics? Couldn’t we just have a few accompanying instruments – just enough to support and carry the singing?

 Third, speaking of singing, that was quite a worship team you assembled. It was a very impressive group of singers – almost professional. In fact, maybe it was a bit too professional? At least to me, it came off as something of a performance. Was your goal to encourage us to join in, or to make an impression? Who were you trying to impress anyway?

 Fourth, speaking of impressions, I am not certain why you felt the need to dance in front of everyone. Don’t get me wrong. Those were some pretty sweet dance moves. I’m just not sure what you were trying to accomplish by that display. It might be great for a party or celebration, but was this the appropriate occasion?

 Fifth, speaking of appropriate, what were you doing taking off your clothes? It seemed to me to be a total lack of propriety on any public occasion, especially a worship event. Were you trying to turn this into some kind of exhibition? Were you trying to make a total fool of yourself? Who were you trying to draw attention to – yourself? I know I certainly noticed you.

 Anyway, those are just some thoughts from a conscientious observer. I know you will appreciate hearing my opinion. I have tried to be objective, and I hope you will try to bring your public worship into conformity with accepted, proven, best practices.



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